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Most business owners are faced dealing with security of their business. Do you know that the average business loses 18% of their revenue to shrinkage, employee theft and non productivity. If you have a business and employees, you are probably losing in one of these areas and most likely all of them. Security Systems can help you monitor your employees and business closely. It may even increase productivity. People generally do better when they are being monitored.

Ascending Technologies offers a complete solution on all types of security video systems. We work with some of the most respected names in surveillance security and access control, providing our clients with state of the art surveillance equipment sales, service and installation. We offer complementary security evaluations , meaning it won’t cost you a thing to talk to a security expert. We will also educate you on the different solutions available to your business, helping you make an educated decision. Call us today at 956-725-2654 to request a quote!